Terms & Conditions

  1. Each subscription covers a period of time determined by the package chosen. The subscription period would be counted from the day of first login or the 7th day from the date of payment (whichever is earlier). It would end on the date determined by the duration of the package.
  2. The performance of Mindspark in terms of computer response may vary according to the speed of internet used by the customer. We recommend a landline broadband connection for Mindspark. We would not be responsible for any response related issues due to internet speed quality at the customer's end.

Mindspark Refund Policy

What is mindspark.in's Returns policy ?

We have a no returns policy. Subscriptions can't be cancelled and no refunds are made. However, if you have accidentally purchased two subscriptions on the same day (duplicate transaction), we cancel and refund one subscription on request

Can I return a part of my order ?


How long will the return process take ?

Once your return request has been placed with Customer Service, it usually takes 72 hrs to be verified and 7 days to initiate refund. The receipt of the payment would depend on the mode of payment chosen by you.

Refund Method

Refund Receipt Time (After Initiation)

Bank Transfer/NEFT

2-4 business days

Debit Card

5-7 business days

Credit Card

7-21 business days

For Debit Card and Credit Card transfers the time taken for refund depends finally on the bank. Though we would love to expedite the same, our hands are tied.


The product is an online adaptive learning and does not require any physical material to be delivered.